Waste heat recovery

One of the latest solutions within the waste heat recovery topic is the transport of waste heat for a short distance (30 km) with containers filled with Phase Change Material (PCM). Our company is the first in Poland, which offers a comprehensive service of implementation of this technology: from the feasibility study, specifying the scope of investment and payback periods, through the system design, to its implementation and integration with the currently used heating system in the plant.

In the typical approach, the thermal energy has to be used in the same place and time, in which it was produced. In the case of thermal waste energy, when the utilizing of entire available quantity of recovered energy is not possible in the plant, it could be designed a system of its storage and transport to the objects outside the plant. Transportation via the transmission infrastructure is uneconomic below certain limits of the amount of daily transmitted energy. The stored energy may be transported to facilities that are located a short distance from the place of production (depending on conditions, the limit of profitability is assumed as 30 km) by road. Schematic diagram of such an installation is illustrated in the figure below.

PCM heat energy storage and transport system idea

According to the presented idea, the heat is transported to the end user by means of containers, left on the time of their discharge. At this time, the second container is filled at the loading station. Both the operator of a surplus of energy and the end consumer benefit. Recipient lowers cost of achieveing 1 kWh of heat energy. Supplier benefits economically from the sale of energy. In the case of heat transfer between objects belonging to the one company, there are reduced costs of heat supply and energy consumption in the plant. This solution is so profitable both for large companies that want to transport waste heat energy between their own, distant objects, as well as for smaller companies with an excess amount of waste heat that can be offered to the external customers.