Home Heat Storage

Home Heat Storage

Home heat storage is a perfect solution that allows you to conveniently and economically use heat energy at home. Thanks to heat storage, you can store excess electricity generated in a PV installation and use it when you need it.

Why store thermal energy?

Did you know that according to information from the Central Statistical Office for 2018, over 80% of the energy consumed at home is thermal energy? The data confirms that the consumption of heat in the home has a high potential for savings. Thanks to heat storage, you can use your own energy from photovoltaics to cover the heat demand.

Over 80% of energy in a household is used for heating purposes (central heating and hot water)

The structure of energy use in Poland

How does it work?

In Enetech heat warehouses, the supplied energy is used to heat phase change materials. Materials, after heating, store heat, which is received in the form of hot water when there is a need for it.

Freedom of source

Enetech heat storages can be supplied from any source. Their primary task is to store energy produced in a photovoltaic installation – using an electric heater or a heat pump. Any other source of heat or electricity can also be used, e.g. the power grid.

Depending on the type of power supply, two storages are available:

  1. Thermino epv – to use electricity from a photovoltaic installation – the warehouse contains an electric heater;
  2. Thermino hp – to be supplied by a heat pump – the warehouse is equipped with a water supply circuit.

Variety of sizes

Enetech heat storage units are manufactured by the British company Sunamp based in Scotland. Enetech’s offer includes 4 models of warehouses with different capacities (equivalents of water hot water tanks):

Thermino epv 70 and hp 70
equivalent of a domestic hot water tank with a capacity of
70 liters

Thermino epv 150 andhp 150
equivalent of a domestic hot water tank with a capacity of
150 liters

Thermino epv 210 oraz and 210
equivalent of a domestic hot water tank with a capacity of
210 liters

Thermino epv 300 and hp 300
equivalent of a domestic hot water tank with a capacity of
300 liters

Small size

In Enetech heat storages, phase change materials (PCM) were used, thanks to which high heat capacities were obtained with small dimensions of the device. Heat storage units can be installed anywhere in the house or room.

Warehouse construction

Enetech heat storages are built of the highest quality materials and components. The phase change material – used in warehouses – is the only one in the world to receive the highest rating in the RAL Quality Association PCM certification, which confirmed 10,000 cycles of trouble-free operation (nearly 30 years of trouble-free operation*).

* based on one charge and discharge per day

Single or double refrigerant circuit, allowing cooperation with any heat source

Freedom of spatial orientation, thanks to three-sided arrangement of connections

Simple user interface, indicating the storage level

High efficiency heat exchanger

Equipped with a heating device, covered by a 10-year warranty

Patented, proprietary phase-change material that allows you to store 4 times more energy

Easy and quick assembly thanks to the use of high-quality brass connectors (included)

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Data sheet
Thermino ePV

Data sheet
Thermino hp-DN

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