Industrial heat storage

Industrial heat storage

Many companies generate waste heat during industrial processes and release it to the atmosphere. However, unused waste heat can be saved and used profitably for the company.

The most common obstacle to the use of waste heat is the impossibility of its immediate utilization. Often, waste heat is produced when there is no demand for it and no place to collect it. In the opposite situation, at the moment of demand for heat in the company, there is no waste heat production or it is insufficient.

Enetech industrial heat storages – it pays off!

Enetech industrial heat storages, built of phase change material (PCM), can store waste heat in enterprises in any situation. Enetech guarantees the highest quality, proven solution. Our industrial heat storage is characterized by high thermal capacity, low energy losses and a faster return on investment. The Enetech industrial warehouse is safe for the environment and does not require maintenance after installation. Innovative technology and high-quality materials guarantee many years of service-free use. Heat storage with the use of PCM allows the accumulation of much more energy in a unit volume than in the case of conventional storage used in industry.

What will you gain by installing an Enetech energy storage?

  • thermal energy saving;
  • saving money;
  • heat storage tailored to the needs of your company;
  • saving space for a warehouse (compared to classic warehouses)
  • safety for the surroundings and the environment;
  • guarantee of quality and long-term durability of the solution.

Who is the industrial heat storage for?

  • Do you have heat recovery potential in your company or do you fully use waste heat?
  • Do you use high-temperature industrial processes?
  • Do you have a high diversification of heat demand in the company over the course of a day or week?

If you answered yes or you think that your company needs a heat storage – contact us.

Find out more:

If you are interested in the subject of industrial heat storage, check other solutions for heat storage using phase change materials. Our offer also includes stationary storages dedicated to home use, as well as mobile heat storage.

heat storage

heat storage