Energy audits for company

Energy audits for company

Do you know what is the energy potential of your company and whether you are utilizing energy in an optimal way? The answer to these questions can be obtained through an energy audit conducted by experienced engineers from Enetech.

An energy audit of the company is a process aimed at identifying the major areas of energy consumption in buildings, transportation, and technological processes, which together account for at least 90% of the total energy usage. The result of this investigation is an energy audit report. The audit conducted by an expert presents the energy consumption profile of the company and highlights the possibilities of reducing energy usage in key areas.

Enetech specialists conduct all audits in a detailed manner, solely based on current and precise data. Through the energy audit, you will be assured that apart from fulfilling the legal obligation, your company will gain reliable knowledge about the energy balance.

The Energy Efficiency Act introduced in 2016 obliged large enterprises to conduct an energy audit. The audit must be repeated every 4 years, and so far the obligation applies to enterprises:

  • Employing more than 250 people
  • With an annual turnover exceeding 50 million euros
  • Whose total balance sheet exceeds 43 million euros

Failure to comply with this requirement may result in severe penalties, which can amount to up to 5% of the annual turnover. If you want to avoid penalties and thoroughly assess the energy situation of your company, entrust Enetech experts with the execution of the energy audit.

In 2023, EU Directive 2023/1791 imposed an obligation to carry out an audit by all enterprises consuming at least 10TJ of energy annually, taking into account all energy carriers and enterprises. However, enterprises that consume at least 85TJ of energy are obliged to implement an Energy Management System.

Evaluate the cost of your audit

Evaluate the cost of your audit

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