R&D Activities

R&D Activities

The main mission of Enetech is to create a better reality in the field of energy. Our team has been closely connected with the academic world since the beginning of our operation, which allows us to conduct a range of research and development activities. Their aim is to create cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with top-class specialists. Combining knowledge and science with industry in business projects ensures the highest standards of conducting R&D work in the broadly understood energy sector – these are large-scale projects for the industry as well as solutions for individual consumers.

A great step in technology – Enetech and phase change materials

Since the beginning of our operation at Enetech, we have been engaged in phase change materials (PCM) and their practical applications. We have conducted countless research and analysis of PCM in laboratory conditions, and we continuously develop their application in the field of thermal energy storage. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are pioneers in the extensive utilization of phase change materials in everyday life.

MiniStor – innovative thermal energy storage system

The flagship R&D project we are participating in is MiniStor. This long-term international project is funded by the European Union’s “Horizon 2020” program. As the only team from Poland, we are involved in the development of an innovative, compact, integrated thermal and cooling energy storage system. The goal of MiniStor is to achieve sustainable heating, cooling, and storage of thermal and electrical energy for new and existing residential buildings. However, the system goes beyond just mechanical elements – as part of the work, we are creating an innovative home energy management system.

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Innovative projects at Enetech

As part of the consortium, we are also undertaking a major project related to thermal energy storage commissioned by the National Centre for Research and Development. The project’s aim is to create a comprehensive system for supplying heating and cooling to a single-family home using thermal energy storage. The scope of work includes developing a system that will reduce the consumption of thermal energy from conventional sources and maximize the use of renewable energy sources by private users (single-family homes).

Within the project, not only the thermal energy storage technology using PCM is being developed but also numerous solutions that are already in use and have the potential for further development. An innovative system for managing the flow of thermal energy in a single-family building is also being created.

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In our research and development work, Enetech has collaborated with numerous external entities. We have also shared knowledge and experience by acting as advisors to other companies.

Thanks to cooperation with Enetech, you will gain a reliable partner. We guarantee the highest quality of work in the new and rapidly developing areas of the energy sector in Poland.