Cogeneration audits

Cogeneration audits

Cogeneration solutions are becoming increasingly popular in modern businesses in Poland. A cogeneration engine is a device that produces both electricity and heat in a single technological process (fuel combustion). Cogeneration allows for a lower consumption of energy compared to two separate processes of electricity and heat generation.

What does a cogeneration audit guarantee?

As part of the cogeneration audit, we examine the energy management of the entire facility, location where cogeneration operates, or where its installation is planned. We identify the areas of electricity and heat consumption and their quantities. Based on this, we propose the optimal capacity of the cogeneration system for the client and suggest actions to maximize the utilization of the heat energy produced in cogeneration. Often, introducing modernization allows selecting a more powerful cogeneration system, making the investment even more cost-effective.

Thanks to the cogeneration audit, from the beginning of the investment, you will know how much energy you will save through it, learn what needs to be done to make cogeneration profitable, and avoid financial losses and disappointment after the system’s commissioning.

Why a cogeneration audit with Enetech?

We have conducted a series of cogeneration audits. We continuously collaborate with clients who have planned cogeneration installations and with cogeneration system installers. Our many years of experience and knowledge ensure tailored cooperation that meets each client’s specific needs, guaranteeing a personalized approach to every business.

What will you gain from cogeneration?

Thanks to cogeneration, the company can achieve significant energy and financial savings. The condition for this is the proper, individual selection of equipment and ensuring the maximum utilization of energy produced from cogeneration.

Cogeneration audit helps to avoid the most common mistakes during the installation of the system, such as the lack of heat consumption points, which often result from incorrectly chosen capacity of the installation, as well as the failure to identify areas where heat can be redirected and utilized.

Who is the Cogeneration Audit for?

  • Are you considering installing cogeneration?
  • Not sure if cogeneration is the best solution for your business?
  • Unsure about the size of cogeneration to choose?
  • Do you want to increase the utilization of energy from cogeneration?
  • Is your cogeneration not delivering the expected profits?

If so, contact us and get support.

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