ISO 140001/EMAS

ISO 14001/EMAS

Responsible company looks at its operations not only through the prism of economic profits but also through the prism of its impact on the environment. Particularly significant aspect can be the care for the natural environment. One of the best solutions supporting environmentally-friendly actions is the implementation of ISO 14001 standard and the introduction of the EMAS certification system.

For whom are the ISO 14001 and EMAS?

Both ISO 14001 and EMAS can be implemented independently or used in parallel with other management systems.

The implementation of an Environmental Management System compliant with the PN-EN ISO 14001 standard is intended for all companies, regardless of their size or type of business. The standard has been designed in a way to guide enterprises of any size and from any industry towards a specific goal, which is the improvement of environmental performance.

What is ISO 14001 and EMAS?

The ISO 14001 standard is one of the ISO standards and serves as an environmental management standard. It is the most recognized standard for environmental management systems. Companies worldwide utilize it to efficiently and systematically implement procedures that will improve their environmental performance.

The EcoManagement and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a voluntary environmental certification system established within the European Union. It allows companies to reduce their impact on the natural environment and cut operational costs. Implementing EMAS concludes with the company’s registration in the EMAS Registry, providing access to supporting tools.

EMAS requires the implementation of ISO 14001 principles and serves as a natural continuation of it. However, EMAS implementation does not mandate having an ISO 14001 certification.

Advantages of implementing ISO 14001

  • Creating an effective and functioning Environmental Management System that supports the company’s existing activities.
  • Improving compliance with environmental protection legal requirements.
  • Providing tools for monitoring environmental performance.
  • Providing tools for enhancing environmental efficiency.
  • Reducing environmental pollution.
  • Reducing costs related to environmental protection.

Additional advantages from the introduction of EMAS

  • Reduction of fees related to the use of environmental resources.
  • Lower insurance premiums (lower risk of accidents).
  • Cost reduction in waste disposal.
  • Reduced risk of legal proceedings related to environmental damages.

Enetech’s offer

  • Comprehensive implementation of an Environmental Management System compliant with ISO 14001 standard.
  • Comprehensive support during the application process for EMAS certification.
  • Consultancy in carrying out implementation work.
  • Development of an environmental review.
  • Identification of significant environmental impacts.
  • Creation of the company’s environmental policy.
  • Guidance in setting environmental objectives and tasks.
  • Expert assistance during the certification audit.
  • Training services on the ISO 14001 standard.
  • Integration of the Environmental Management System with existing management systems.

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